Need help adjusting a candy recipe


I undertook over the weekend to work up some homemade Sweet Tarts, with the goal of replicating them as accurately as possible in order to have a baseline from which to adjust (specifically: different flavors, different sour levels, low- or no-sugar versions). The recipe was 2 ounces of white soda (7 Up, in this case), 3 teaspoons of gelatin dissolved into said soda, two teaspons of citric acid, powdered sugar until it was a fondant-like dough, then turned out and kneaded on a surface dusted in powdered sugar until it wasn't particularly sticky. That got divided into separate portions for flavoring and food coloring, but I imagine the final consistency of the candy was set before that point.What I ended up with tastes pretty good, but the candies are soft (a little softer than a pillow mint), rather than brittle like Sweet Tarts or Smarties.The problem is, I'm not sure what to tweak to adjust the final consistency. My first inclination is more gelatin, but I figured someone around here must have candy making experience and could lend me a hand.

Please help.
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