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SODZ British Beerfest

  • Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at 9am
    Location: Seventh Son Brewing Company

    The SODZ homebrew club is sponsoring their 11th Annual British Beerfest in February.…

The Club's Annual Holiday Party

E-mail sent by Mike Beattie, Sunday, December 1st, 2013 @ 2:01am

It's time to get ready for this year's holiday party! This year, we're releasing the holiday party along side our new web site to give memberrs an opportunity to join the new web site and use it to RSVP for the party. The event is schedule for Sunday, December 8 at Bocktown Monaca. There's a Steeler's game at 1:00pm that day, so you're more than welcome to head over to Bocktown a little early to watch the game or stroll in a little late once the game comes to an end.

RSVP Today! Visit the event page now, and buy your ticket to the event!

We're hoping to serve dinner at 4:30pm, which should give you just enough time to drag over a keg or a growler and share a few homebrews (and commercial beers) with your fellow homebrewers. Dinner will be served buffett style by Bocktown and will include a vegetarian option for those who are looking for such an option.


The Club's New Web Site

E-mail sent by Mike Beattie, Sunday, December 1st, 2013 @ 12:59am

The club is long overdue for a refresh to our web site. Our previous site has served us well for several years, but you'll notice that we've started to rely on multiple incompatible services for managing member lists (Excel), email lists (Google Groups), event signups (Anyvite), and other aspects of the club's operation. That layout has introduced extra fees when charging for events, confusion with respect to who has paid for their membership, and unnecessary complexity in managing various concepts of what constitutes membership. Starting next year, we're transitioning to a host that helps us manage nearly all aspects of the club in one place.

The new web site provides a single platform to manage membership lists, collect dues, manage event RSVPs, and more. This new platform isn't free, but the officers believe that the improvements in our ability to collect dues will more than pay for the cost of the site. We also believe that shifting to a central provider for nearly all of our needs will streamline the management of the club for current and future officers.

Right now, the new site is listed under a subdomain under our new host ( In the comming weeks, the new site will completely replace the group's current site, and the domain will point directly to the new site.

Best of Show Beer on tap at Church Brew Works

E-mail sent by Mike Beattie, Saturday, November 30th, 2013 @ 8:45pm

The Best of Show winner from this year's TRASH competition was a style that you wouldn't typically expect a commercial brewery to scale up. Rob Withee's "Black n' Brett" is an American Stout fermented entirely with Brett Brux. It ranked first in Category 23 in this year's competition, and was named best of show by our panel of second round judges. Bottom line: it was an exceptional beer. The problem is: it's not the kind of beer that a brewery can turn around in a matter of weeks. We never expected that it would be scaled up by one of our local breweries, but Matt Moninger (second round judge and head brewer at Church Brew Works) put out the offer. He was willing to work with Rob and scale up Black N' Brett on the Church Brew Works system.

Earlier this year, Rob and Matt got together for the "Black n' Brett" brew day, and from there we all waited. Now, several months later, the beer has finished aging and is ready to go. It went on tap at Church Brew Works last week and is likely to stick around for another month.

Show your support for the club and make your way over to CBW to give Rob's beer a try! Better yet, check in to his beer on Untappd.


TRASH Holiday Party

  • Sunday, December 8th, 2013 at 4pm - 7pm
    Location: Bocktown Monaca

    The time for the club's annual Holiday Party is here! For this year's event, we're holidng the…


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President: Sean Kinnas
VP: Alex Szokolyai
Treasurer: Paul Fisher
Secretary: Daren Szakelyhidi
Past President: Jack Smith

Club-Only Comps

10/23/2016: Fall Beer
Winners: TBD

07/23/16 - Cider & Big Brew Beer
Winners: CMG, Timur Snoke

01/17/16 - Porter
Winner: Paul Fisher

12/05/15 - Mystery Grist
Winner: Tom Bosak

09/19/15 - Malty German Beers
Winner: Armand Houle

06/13/15 - Light Hybrid Beers
Winner: Mike Beattie

03/15/15 - Dry Stout
Winner: Brian Robbins

01/18/15 - Holiday Ale
Winners: Mike Beattie, Brian Robbins

09/20/14 - Festbier
Winner: Chris Brunetti


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